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Working with Organizations and Individuals

For more than 33 years in the wellness industry, I have worked with businesses, organizations, groups, employees, and individuals in the following areas: health and wellness, self-esteem, life transitions, stress management, effective communication, and healthy relationship building. I have worked with clients on both personal and professional issues with an emphasis on helping them move toward the future rather than just getting over the past.

Managing a successful business

  • Adventure based counseling course for Corporate and student groups.
  • Fitness Management and programming
  • 17 years as Executive Director of one of the top ten spas in the nation
  • Instructed Aerobic, strength and flexibility classes
  • Directed & motivated 72 employees, 9 departments and hands-on with 32 to 64 guests each week
  • Creation and management of policies, manuals, and sound employment practices
  • Execution of sound financial management
  • Lifestyle consultations
  • Keynote speaker on Stress, Weight Loss, motivation and other wellness topics
  • Co-author of Heartland Employee Manual/Department Manuals/Manager Manuals
  • Social Media and Hospitality Sector Marketing

I would have never thought by organizing my space that it would organize my thoughts!

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